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Best Practices Mentor Program

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The real deal

Are you just setting up your nutrition practice? Are you feeling overwhelmed by possibilities? Unsure of your direction? My experience can help you navigate the fog and get started on the right foot.

When the schooling ends, your practice begins. But where on earth do you start?

Best Practices Mentorship Program to the rescue! I’ve developed this program specifically to mentor and support nutrition practitioners. I can help you establish your service niche and learn the actual nuts and bolts of setting up or growing your business.

Keep in mind, there will be homework!

Here’s what to expect in this program:

  • You will gain an understanding on what your business can look like, and how to create something that will work for your skills, budget, and lifestyle.
  • My approach is fun and relevant to your goals. I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but you will receive practical, realistic advice delivered with clarity and humour.
  • The Best Practices Mentorship Program is a task-oriented program. Goals and deadlines with results will be the tools you will use to move forward.
  • You’ll get support and compassion from someone who has been there.
  • I will provide you with creative solutions to issues and concerns you may have – and teach you how to deal with the negative voices.
  • You will learn how to establish a business in health and wellness, rather than wealth and hellness… know what I mean?

This package includes...

  • Four (4) 90-minute sessions, OR
  • Six (6) 60-minute sessions

We will cover four unique modules:

Clarity – Identify exactly what it is you feel called to do, and what speaks to both your heart and skill set. Plus, the million dollar question: how do I create a viable business or practice with it? This module is to establish and create your niche! Our work from this module informs the rest of our planning and direction. Clarity brings insight, new ideas, and innovation!

Setting It Up! – Website content and options, client intake forms (and other documents), business insurance, establishing your therapeutic protocols, and types of services you will offer. I will review and provide professional feedback on the homework.

The Money – Establish how much (and how) will you charge, diversifying income streams, bookkeeping options, taxes, registering your business, areas to add value in your practice, billing, setting up a website.

Where Are The Clients? – Successful collaboration, free advertising opportunities, to blog or not to blog, setting up a workshop/class, working with elderly, children, ethnic groups. (An optional add-on service is available for those wanting more support with developing brilliant workshops.)

You will learn...

  • How to determine what business you are really in
  • Tips on finding clarity and moving forward
  • How to establish and create your niche (aka, “Who wants what you’ve got?”)
  • Where to find your voice and your power
  • Workshop wisdom (the nitty gritty for a successful event)

Why me?

As an entrepreneurial spirit, I have created and operated several small businesses, including the not-so-small Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Brewed Awakenings, and Sweeping Beauty.

I have supported many businesses such as Vancouver Island Soap Company and have contributed to marketing of Fairmont Hotel Royal York’s rooftop honey.

In other words, I know (and love) the business side of healthy living.

My desire to be of service and ability to remain cool and focused during extreme misadventure inspired completing the Disaster Management program through the University of Wisconsin. I have written the Disaster Response and Preparedness Plan for the BCSPCA and was a responder during the massive relief effort in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina’s four-legged victims.

I have learned that I can support people — like yourself — by shining a light that helps you see what you already know.

How it works...

The modules for our time together are usually four 90-minute sessions –OR– six 60-minute sessions, depending on your availability and preference. Programs can be extended depending on your time and availability for the “homework”.

Sessions are covered by Zoom, Skype, Messenger, or Facetime.

We can work out a schedule to suit your needs – this is flexible. Some graduates have only needed some parts of this program, and I can arrange that for you as well.

How much time do I need each week to accomplish everything?

This really depends on your time efficiency and motivation, but plan for 5-8 hours per week. It also depends how skilled you are on a computer. There can be more time between modules if you need it. The first week is fairly simple, but we ramp up in the following weeks, so please allow for more time.

Remember, this is a task oriented program – the intention is to get stuff done! However, respecting my own scheduling needs, programs must be considered completed within 60 days from the start date.

Cost... $375

Payment is due in full, one week prior to the program start date (payment can be made via e-transfer, PayPal, or by cash). Receipts will be issued immediately and can be put toward your income tax return.

Let’s Get To Work!

I know (and love!) the business side of healthy living.

Contact me to learn more on how I can help you succeed.

Let’s do this!

Brenda B. says...

“Loving the recipes and the chance to try some new foods. Thanks for keeping it simple!”