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Anti-Cancer Way of Life

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Fighting back with nutrition

Nutrition advice is usually missing in conventional cancer treatment. This program helps to fill that gap.

We all carry cancer cells and we are all unfortunately exposed to carcinogens. Whether you have a cancer diagnosis or are interested in eating for prevention, this approach is about improving your body’s immunity.

This package includes...

  • 90-minute initial consultation to review your current health status, your diagnosis, and your current cancer treatment
  • Email access for questions and concerns for patient and caregivers for 60 days
  • Customized information package reviewing all of the topics noted below
  • Optional customized 7-day meal plan (with recipes) available for an additional fee

You will learn...

  • About anti-cancer phyto chemicals and how to bring them into your diet
  • How to use your diet to fortify and build your body, mitigate side effects, and rebuild/cleanse after treatments
  • The importance of digestion, absorption, elimination (yup, good poops), sleep quality, and stress levels (even a “perfect” diet won’t matter if these systems are out of balance!)
  • How sugars in your diet affect cancer cells
  • The importance of an anti-inflammatory diet and the harmful impact of foods that cause inflammation (such as wheat, dairy, meat, sugar, alcohol, to name a few)
  • About the importance of pH and acid/alkaline balance
  • What inhibits and what activates your immune cell production
  • How to maintain your nutrition levels during chemotherapy
  • Little changes you can make that can make a big difference

How it works...

Sessions are provided virtually, via online tools like Zoom, Skype, Messenger, or Facetime. We can work together by phone, too!

Additional follow-up consultations can be booked on a hourly basis for ongoing clients.

If you're ready to get started, simply fill out my online intake form (it only takes 15-20 minutes) and I will be in touch. Or learn more about the process on my How It Works page.

Cost... $140

Add an customized 7-day meal plan (with recipes to get you started) for an additional $95.

Don’t wait: change your plate!

Is there a better time than now to improve your health?

Contact me today to get started.

Let’s do this!

A.B. says...

“Thank you so much for your time, energy and thoughtfulness! You have inspired me to try new foods and take better care of myself. I appreciate YOU!”