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Sugar-Free Workplace Challenge!

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A synergized sugar solution

Employers who offer robust health and wellness programs tend to have less turnover and happier, more engaged employees who feel appreciated.

Please note: corporate programs are offered to businesses in the Victoria area, and by request available in other areas of Vancouver Island.

Want to reduce turnover and increase happiness and engagement from your staff?

Prove it! I challenge you and your staff to 30 days of learning to create a new will AND develop new skills to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet — forever.

My Sugar-Free Workplace Challenge is 4-week program where you commit to breaking the sugar habit. It’s a simple fact that most of us eat way more sugar than we were designed to eat. So whether you have 5 employees or 50, this program is for you!

Will you accept the challenge? Will you accept the Sugar-Free challenge?

This corporate program includes...

  • 4 workshops, typically 45 minutes long, at your workplace
  • A sampling of some satisfying sweet tooth alternatives at each session
  • Recipes (and a demonstration if your space has a suitable kitchen)
  • Weekly “team challenges”
  • Handouts on the weekly topics
  • Group activities (with prizes!)
  • Inspiration to recover from PTSD (“Post Traumatic Sugar Disorder”)

What you’ll learn…

  • Healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth (with samples at each session)
  • Tips, tricks, and recipes for breakfasts, snacks, and desserts
  • About all the kinds of sugars — natural, artificial, and “hidden” — and how they impact your health
  • Why fructose is truly an “f-word”
  • Why sugar is addictive (and the politics of the food industry)
  • How to sell sugar-free eating to the rest of your family
  • How to read food labels
  • How (and why) balancing blood sugar is important
  • About appetite control mechanisms in your body
  • How to improve your digestion
  • How to control food cravings
  • How artificial sweeteners are tricking your brain
  • About sugar and the cancer connection

Warning: side effects of the Sugar-Free Workplace Challenge can include mental clarity, increased energy, improved skin, and possible weight loss.

How it works...

When do we meet?
We’ll meet 4 times, once per week, on a schedule established by your group. Sessions are usually scheduled for 45 minutes. Employees are welcome to eat their lunches while the session is in progress.

Where do we meet?
Meetings take place at your workplace (or other designated venue). You provide the venue, flip chart (or white board), and table of some kind (enough space for everyone to attend).

How is it organized?
I will meet with your team organizer in advance to see your meeting space, confirm logistics, and to ensure that I understand your needs and expectations. Agendas are sent in advance of each session so you know what we to expect.

Will it be terribly boring?
Not at all! Employee wellness programs have become very popular, however the key to success is to keep it FUN. Together we’ll tackle what’s really a serious issue, but I won’t put your staff into a coma doing it!

How much does it cost?

  • 5 employees — $250 per person
  • 6-10 employees — $225 per person
  • 11-15 employees — $200 per person
  • 16-24 employees — $175 per person

5 person minimum. Payment is due in full for each participant 7 days prior to the program start date. Please contact me for further details and a personalized quote.

Don’t wait: change your plate!

Is there a better time than now to improve your health?

Contact me today to get started.

Let’s do this!

David says...

“Thank you Tricia! I feel like I’ve gained some control in my cancer battle, armed now with your helpful advice. The meal plan has made it so much easier for my family to know what to cook for me during my recovery.”