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The Anti-Cancer Plate

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It’s time to thrive

Whatever your current health status and path of treatment you decide to take, there is always something you can do to participate in your own wellbeing.

There is so much confusion regarding nutrition and its role in the lives of cancer patients and survivors! Perhaps it seems as if you are not healthy on paper, but I believe you can be well.

We will focus on evidence-based nutrition science, how you can help your body beyond conventional treatment, and how to assist your healing through food.

In other words, it’s healthy eating education on foods that can support healing or be a part of cancer prevention. This class also includes recipes and resources.

This class is designed for those with a cancer diagnosis, cancer survivor thrivers, and anyone wanting to know more about proactive cancer prevention.

You will learn...

  • Areas of your diet that make the biggest impact on healing and prevention
  • Nutrients that are proven to prevent cancer
  • How sugar feeds cancer cells
  • How to support your immune system during treatment
  • How to maintain your nutrition while undergoing treatment
  • How to choose best nutrient-dense snacks
  • The link between refined/processed foods and cancer
  • About the “dirty dozen” and the “healing dozen”

How it works...

You're responsible for providing and arranging a venue and participants. I will lead the class, focusing on using whole foods to support a specific health topic.

Individuals can book classes for a private group (for example for a birthday party or a stagette), and companies can book classes for their employees.

Please note: these classes are informational programs, not cooking classes. However, I do offer cooking classes for groups who have a venue with a kitchen. For details on group cooking classes, please get in touch.

How much does it cost?

Classes are very affordable but the cost varies, as each group is unique and requests different structures and timeframes. Please get in touch with me for a quote based on your group’s needs!

Looking for 1-on-1? If you’d like to learn more about the information in this class, but aren’t a group, just get in touch. I’d be happy to work something out for you!

Don’t wait: change your plate!

Is there a better time than now to improve your health?

Contact me today to get started.

Let’s do this!

Brenda B. says...

“Loving the recipes and the chance to try some new foods. Thanks for keeping it simple!”