Change Your Plate, Change Your Fate

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Meet Tricia

My Philosophy

Here are 2 things I know for sure: without health, we have real limitations; and each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.

My philosophy of “change your plate, change your fate” is about looking at evidence-based nutrition as a tool to prevent disease, rather than just managing disease symptoms. It’s also about being empowered when you are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, etc.

Take a look at my services and let’s talk about how we can work together on your vibrant and healthy life.

Corporate, media, advertising, and other related inquiries are also welcome. Please get in touch!

My Approach

Through 1-on-1 packages, corporate programs, group classes and mentorship programs for health practitioners, I hope to inspire you to consider a whole foods approach to your culinary world.

My approach

I’ve always been a big fan of getting what I need from the “farm-acy” whenever possible — but I’m also a big fan of dessert too!

I incorporate tools for motivation, stress management, and self-responsibility as fundamentals in my wellness programs in order to support the body’s own healing ability. I consider joy, pleasure and peace to be important nutrients too!

I also provide a mentorship program for new graduates of nutrition (and other health service programs) in order to help others get the most out of their nutrition practices.

Yes, I am an advocate of a plant-based diet, but my practice is not about judgement or conversion. It is about YOUR needs, YOUR goals, and what is appropriate for YOU. I know many people are kale or tofu averse, and I work with all eating preferences!

For me, a key ingredient to healthy eating is that it needs to taste great and be something that is reasonable to make. Seeing the results for those I have worked with is what fuels my belief that taste buds are the perfect vehicle for change.

My Story

My entry into holistic living began in 1997. I was the creator of Rocky Mountain Soap Company, where I focused on creating 100% natural personal care products.

My story

As the years went on and my body aged and changed, I became aware that what I ate was either doing fabulous things for me or was acting as a slow poison. I believe that my health is the “sales receipt” for all of the food, thoughts, and actions I have “purchased”.

I’m also married to an amazing man and we are both passionate sailors and travellers. I want to have the health to enjoy all of these blessings for many years to come.

My personal experience with many loved ones who have fought the cancer battle has led me to specialize in oncology (cancer) nutrition. However, I have worked with clients, friends, and family on issues including menopause and perimenopause, food allergies, acne, IBS, depression, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

I am a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and I am inspired by many modalities of healing, including the Gerson therapy model and Ayurveda.

All of these experiences have led me to the place where I am honoured to be, offering my knowledge and service as a Certified Nutritionist and Orthomolecular Practitioner.

Jordan T. says...

“I was really happy with my performance in the last game and my stamina was good throughout the entire game. The explanation about timing of meals and snacks has made a big difference!”